Artist Jean Taylor

Artist: Jean Taylor – Tlingit, Yukon

Cultural background: Yukon Tlingit

The works I’m most famous for are paintings of masks, button covers and woven hats depicting West Coast Tlingit people, many of whom dance, ”explains Jean. “I also love painting pictures of moccasins, mukluks, mittens, jackets and snowshoes, anything that I saw being created by my loved ones as I grew up. Jean’s heritage is Tlingit and she has spent years of her life in the Yukon. She now reflects and realizes how much she was inspired and encouraged by the creativity that surrounded her as a child.

I have a photo of my great-grandfather who makes snowshoes, ”explains Jean. “I’m sure he didn’t consider himself an artist, nor did most of my relatives. They were simply making functional items that we needed to survive in the Nordic environment. Now I appreciate the great skill, love and artistry that went into everything they made.

Artwork by Indigenous Artist Jean Taylor


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