Is It SPRING !!! Well, the calendar says it’s Spring! Never mind what the weather is doing! The clocks have changed, and we are now used to it. It is daylight longer. The birds are chirping and starting their mating rituals. I saw a very chubby rabbit the other day, was that a she? Was

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On being an Eco-Friendly Retailer There are a lot of products that are ecologically friendly. Arbutus Crafts promotes a few of them: Bamboo Socks: Most of the socks we sell are primarily made of cotton or bamboo, which are renewable resources. Man-made fibers are added to provide stretchability and wearability. Additional wearability means socks will

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Indigenous Collection

We are pleased to introduce Indigenous Collection products: mugs, trivets, napkins, bookmarks, cards and so much more. These products come directly from the hearts and hands of Indigenous people. Art products designed by Indigenous artisans have a unique flavour and are instilled with a spiritual meaning. They reflect the land and culture of the artist.

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Yo Sox displaying both Men's and Women's Novelty Crew socks

Yo! We have Sox!

Personally, I have always been a fan of pretty and patterned socks. Apparently, I am not alone in this – it has been a trend for at least the past decade, for both men and women. Arbutus Crafts is proud to Introduce Yo Sox Novelty Crew Socks to our offerings. We came across a brand

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Arbutus Crafts

In the beginning … After moving from B.C. to Ontario, I became interested in how stained glass creations were made and wondered how hard it would be to design and make some myself. So, I took some lessons and fell in love with the art. After learning about stained glass, there was a natural progression

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