Artist Amy Keller-Rempp - Métis (German and Tyendinaga Mohawk), Ontario1

Artist: Amy Keller-Rempp – Métis (German and Tyendinaga Mohawk), Ontario

Cultural origin: Métis (German and Mohawk from Tyendinaga), Ontario

Amy Keller-Rempp of mixed race, was born to a hard-working German pipeline worker father (Dale) and a proud and caring wife (Bonnie), both supported and encouraged her to be dedicated to her artistic talents. Growing up in rural Ontario has endowed the aspiring artist with many ideas, a great source of inspiration and an opportunity to study animals and their habitats.

Amy Keller-Rempp is an incredibly talented Canadian artist. She came into the world with a gift from God, she believes in her First Nations (Mohawk) ancestors and the memory of her father drives her passion She mainly uses acrylic and oil, on many different types of canvas, and developed several unique styles which she describes as Modern Impressionism. Her ability to grind and sculpt metal makes her one of the best metal art artists in the world.

“My parents,” she explained, “have always been the driving force” They often told me how proud they were of me; both said I would be famous someday. They encouraged me to persevere and although my father is no longer of this world, I still feel this encouragement.

Artwork by Indigenous Artist Amy Keller-Rempp


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